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Posted by on Sep 5, 2014 in Life, My Blog |

Risk and Failure – Finding Security In Our “True Self”

“Life is not a matter of creating a special name for ourselves, but of uncovering the name we have always had.”

― Richard Rohr, Immortal Diamond: The Search for Our True Self

True Self

Reflections on True Self

Just recently, I have been faced with a very unfamiliar situation. I found a job that I don’t want to loose… ever. I think I’m in a rare situation, in that most people look at their job as a means to provide for their family, entertainment, vacations and trinkets around the house. Most people live their lives after work. Not me. I find great joy in what I do—BUT! I rarely find great joy in who I work or contract for.

Joy in your job requires two things: understanding/embracing/loving your purpose in life, and doing something for a living that involves that purpose with people you love working WITH.

Here is my dilemma. Since January of this year (2014), I have been working for a company I love, doing exactly what I’m designed to do. I’ve got an excellent boss. I have an excellent team, and I have ownership in what I do.

Our business has been around for 4 year, which would lead many to believe that it’s at the stabilizing point by now. For most businesses that would be true. If you can make it past the third year, you are voted “most likely to succeed.” Not our company. We have been building a product for four years that we need to sell SOON—like in the next few months—or we will likely have to shut the business down. The problem with selling a product that you don’t have yet is that it’s hard to sell a product you don’t have yet. Haha!

I’m anxious. I’ve been pouring my life into this app and this company since January and I desperately want it to succeed. The last thing I want, is to fail by December, because that means—I know—I’ll be miserable working for anyone else if I can’t find another rare gem like this company.

So the other day I phoned a friend. “What should I do?,” I asked. “I don’t want to be jobless in December, but I don’t want to leave this company just because I’m not sure if we’ll succeed either. It’s a risk to stay, and a risk I HAVE to take—but I’m kind of freakin’ out.”

I’ll never forget what he said. He asked, “Do you think you won’t face the exact same risk in every job? There is no security in this life, bro. The only security you have is your skill sets.”

It was the biggest “DUH!” moment I’ve ever had! He was absolutely right! The only security we have in our work life is our skill sets! Why? It’s the only thing we actually have control over. It’s the one thing you own that has any real value in the workplace—which is all the more reason to do what you are good at!

If I can give you one piece of advice, it’s this. DO WHAT YOU LOVE, and WHAT YOU ARE GOOD AT! There is hardly any security in this world as it is. If you are doing a job you hate, you will only add to your anxieties and lack of security. You were designed with a purpose in this life. Your best bet is to find out what you were designed to do—what you were designed to BE—and do that. This starts with evaluating and finding your “True Self.”

More on this later.