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Posted by on Aug 7, 2014 in Business, Life, My Blog |

A Better Work Place

A Company That Eats Together, Succeeds Together


The best way to avoid employee turn-over is to first, provide monetarily (fairly) for their needs—hard work—and to create lasting community. The impersonal workplace drives work through fear. “Do this or else you get fired, ignored, or talked about (office drama).” The personal, or community centered workplace drives work through peer interaction, ownership, love for those you work with and love for the company as a whole (and it’s vision) because you BELONG to it. When owners and managers learn this idea—when they learn to coach instead of boss, or father instead of lord—there will be no stopping success and I believe this will lead to a bold economy.

This is the life I get to live. My boss (and owner of the company) believes in building community first, and that success will come with it. After experiencing this kind of familial interaction and care within the workplace, I would absolutely have to agree. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing you belong. There is no force that drives humanity to be the best that they can be, like knowing you are part of something bigger than yourself, and there is nothing more rewarding than feeling like you own a piece of it all. 
We were all created to be something special. We were all created with a purpose—or what I like to call “A True Self.” The idea of knowing your “True Self” is the idea that you know your strengths and weaknesses and that you become more aware of your purpose in life—what you were designed to do and be. This is a very liberating idea in that it frees us from feeling like we need to be like someone else. It allows us to not just be ourselves, but to hone our skills and find a driving purpose for our lives. 
A good leader understands that no one is the same. We all have things we flourish in, and we all have things we find ourselves failing at more often then we’d like. A good leader will seek to bring those gifts out in people and move them away from roles in the company that are holding back those strengths, and find a position in the company that will be enhanced by their gifts. A good leader leads by example first, through service. He/She coaches and cares for people—directs, and redirects them when he needs to and is patient with their weaknesses, always finding ways to strengthen their weaknesses through the gifts of others in the company. 
Imagine if we all treated everyone we worked with like they were family, and that they were important to both us and the business? Imagine if we were more focused on building people up, encouraging their strengths, and helping them with work, or loving/coaching them through hard times. I don’t mean ENABLEMENT here. I mean ACTIVE love—helping people find and be their true SELF/PURPOSE in life.