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Posted by on Aug 23, 2012 in Art, My Blog |

Japanese Art – My First Stab At it.

Japanese Art has always found a place in design. It seems like every new trend incorporates certain aspects of it’s style. This is the case for me right now in a request from one of my clients for a logo.

When I talked to him the other day, we spent a good amount of time discussing the Japanese art style and how he wanted to incorporate it in some form into the logo design.

Being both inspired by his request and realizing that though this style is by far one of my favorites, I have never actually tried painting a Japanese style Art piece.

I also thought that I should practice as I research and since the logo he asked for would incorporate a bird of prey I decided to go with that and after about 30 minutes, this is what I ended up with. Even though it’s not the actual logo or even in the exact style we talked about, the research and painting was a lot of fun and informative.

I personally love the way the Japanese incorporate broken lines and simple imagery and yet, find a way to bring incredible detail out of certain parts of the painting… as some kind of focal point. In this image, I wanted to bring both contrast to the canvas and a focal point on the Hawk. This is why I used the Red sun and the Red in the eye of the Hawk. I stressed more detail in the head of the Hawk which is why I try to draw your eye to that area, and I drew hard lines over the Red sun for a sense of strength in the image as well as for contrast. I wanted this piece to draw you in, even while it sits in the corner of your eye.

Oh, and I learned the Japanese Characters for my first name. I signed the piece with that along with my Last name (which has no Japanese characters for it) below it. Hope you enjoy it!

Mark W.