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Posted by on Aug 18, 2012 in Life, My Blog |

A Ministry The World Needs!

Why Getting Better Changed The Way I Look At Everything!

I have struggled my whole life (well since leaving my parents house 17 years ago) with finances. Not only have I been completely undisciplined about it but I actually made biblical excuses for being poor. It has taken 17 years of bad financial management, a wife I wasn’t taking care of financially and a road that was leading to a disastrous end… or a welfare supported retirement one day.

I am a thirty-four year old web and graphics designer now. I have owned a construction business, been a youth pastor and have had the opportunities often in my life to get out of debt, save money and get ahead, but my lack of discipline and understanding of God’s truth and peace, took me down the road to (only a year ago) where I had no job, two mortgage payments, $20,000 in credit card debt and no hope for getting out of it. To many of you, my debt was not that much, to others, it was a lot, but when you are stuck in a new State with a job you just quit for necessary reasons (with no means of getting unemployment I might add because I worked for the Church) and barely able to eat off of your wife’s salary, the financial issues you put on the back burner in your life suddenly become the number one issue in your life and cause of your despair.

I remember being at the point, one day a year ago, that I was buying groceries off of the last little bit of money that we had coming in for what looked like at least two weeks. My bills were due, I had no job and all I could think was “why are you doing this to me God? What have I ever done to have to deal with financial issues when I’m already beat up by the Church, not having a job, doubts of Christianity, adjusting to a new town that is the polar opposite of what I grew up in and absolutely no real friends?”

I had been attending L2 Church in downtown Denver, CO and had been going through bi-weekly counseling sessions with my pastor there for a few months. His counsel was absolutely incredible but there were things he was saying sometimes that I couldn’t understand yet because I needed the tangible problems to come and MAKE them real or understandable.

One day, I emailed him and told him that my finances were not getting better, I was still without a job after 8 months and felt incredibly hopeless. I told him that I was sick of feeling this way and I knew that there were some things in my life that needed to be addressed practically that at the time I thought had nothing to do with my spiritual struggles but were a burden I need help lifting in order to be able to deal with the spiritual ones.

I asked him in the email if he knew anyone that could help me with my finances because that was an issue that I felt was hindering my ability to move forward in other areas. Little did I know at the time, but his reference for me would show me that the problems I was having financially were merely symptoms of the same root problem in my thinking as the ones that were destroying my life in all of the other areas as well.

I have also always been someone who thrives off of experiences. I love the emotions and the excitement or fight and the feelings that come with them but I had based so much of my life on those experiences that I was defining my Truth through them. To be honest with you, I was a reformed Christian in my beliefs but living like a mystic. I was a mystic in denial I guess.


What Getting better has shown me is something I never imagined possible. As I met with Keven, emailed him and corresponded often about what I was going through, he began to challenge the way I thought of everything, not just my finances. He would ask questions, I would respond, and I was never “quite right” in my answers according to him. At the time I would get really frustrated because I couldn’t imagine why my answers were never right. I live for thought and theology and… of course my answers were right!!.. my old paster told me! … and I read this in a book once!”

Keven doesn’t give up easily though, even when I was frustrated, confused or angry about what I thought were just HIS answers. LOW AND BEHOLD THOUGH! As our relationship grew and as I began to read the word under the lenses of these new trials in my life and challenged thoughts, I began to realize a pattern. The pattern was, when I was not letting my emotions dictate my Truth, when I was not letting the cultural or even the American Church’s lies invade my interpretation and when I was actually open minded and open to taking scripture in its own context, I found that Keven was actually… unbelievably!.. RIGHT! 


Since then, Keven and I have built an awesome relationship and at least once a week I am challenged again on how I view my walk with Christ and the Truths that I end up finding out, are laid out so plainly in scripture (how could I have missed them?!). Just a few months ago, I actually remember very vividly writing Keven after a very STARK realization of the Truth, redemption and Shalom (peace) I had been missing that I now found. He responded with excitement and joy over my new discovery. For two weeks after that, I began to implement those truths into my life. I now cared more about my daily outPUT than the outCOME. I began to find joy, motivation and excitement in my daily tasks that God had laid out in front of me and honestly, not coincidentally, two weeks later I got a job.

I will not sit here and tell you that the outCOME of getting that job was promised to me by doing the daily tasks but here is the deal. God created this world in such a way, that when you listen to his word and focus on what he puts in front of you each day to do to the best of your ability, not only do people notice the change, but you FEEL the change and the new joy that comes with it and your attitude in life, interviews work etc. changes drastically and opens up doors that weren’t open in your misery and miserable attitude. That’s when TRUE experience happens because it is not based on something relative or subjective. It’s based on the objective truth in God’s word the way it SHOULD be experienced.

I know that I am being vague in some of what I am saying here but its because I don’t want you to walk away from what I am saying as the answer to it all or the answers to YOUR problems. My issues are unique to me but you will have to find out what truths your life is missing that are causing your pain. I am also being a bit vague because I don’t want you to miss out on this ministry! I want you to be able to partake in and enjoy the relationship, truth and experience I was able to enjoy through the ministry provided here. There is really nothing like it that I’ve ever been a part of! Whether you struggle with finances, marriage, stress, pornography, parenting, loss of hope or whatever it is, Keven’s and L2 Church’s ministry at Getting Better Today, LLC will draw you into the well of Truth and Peace that is yours to be had in the Bible.

If you are finding life to be miserable or hopeless and you can’t find the hope or answers you are looking for, those things, in and of themselves are a symptom of bad thinking and understanding of God’s word and truths for the whole life redemption of your life.

This program is not designed to make you a millionaire or find and reach perfection or even ever get all the understanding you need to live a perfectly happy life. What it IS though, is a tool that will help you find Shalom in the midst of chaos, hope and purpose when it seems like there is none to be had and a solid foundation in which to build the rest of your life on.

I’m a better person because of Getting Better Today‘s ministry. Yes, I still have loads of issues and debt and every other kind of problem that I am still digging my way out of, but for the first time in my life, I’m not just getting better I’m finding redemption in every area of my life and seeing my thoughts and labor fall under the Lordship of Christ. Those mountains of problems and consequences have an answer in my daily tasks and each day, I get to experience the joy of knowing that I am being faithful with what God gave me, and one day I’ll be able to reap the fruits of a more righteous thinking and obedient labor.

Mark Wells