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Posted by on Jun 28, 2011 in Life, My Blog | 2 comments

7 Years of Pure AWESOMENESS!! – 7th Yr. Anniversary! WAHOO!!

When I tell people that my marriage has literally been 7 AWESOME years filled with incredible joy that I don’t deserve, they consistently look at me like I’m lying. Most people will say that half of their marriage was good; a couple years were GREAT and the rest were miserable. They usually say the miserable parts were because of things that they went through like financial stress or having to learn… and relearn… how to live with a person so VASTLY different from them. I’m not saying those things haven’t been in our marriage too. We have had more hardships and trials in our marriage than “good” times by a LOOOONG shot! But in all sincerity, though I love the good time times that were fun and easy to get through and though I appreciate the fact that those were very blessed times of rest in our marriage, there is something dreadfully empty about those times compared to the tough ones. What I mean is, what we learned through the hard times were life long lessons. We learned how to manage money better… how to communicate more efficiently… how to live with each other in a respectful way. But more than any of that, I got to learn that my wife and my God love me no matter what the circumstance.
One of the things most people forget to find joy in is their suffering. To a non-believer I will seem mad for saying this but one of the most profound things I’ve learned through my marriage is how to take joy in the hard times; in the trials and in those moments when everything seems to be collapsing around me.

I told Bonnie the other day that my fondest memories have always come from our hardest trials. She smiled because she agreed. We started talking about how when hardship arose it always somehow simplified our lives and drew us closer, not only to each other, but also to our God.

It’s amazing (nay, MIND-BOGGLING!) to me that God would not only die on a cross to give me a hope of something beyond this world (life with Him), that He would love me in spite of my sin, but would also give me a person to come home to that loved me no matter what anyone else thought of me.

I honestly, cannot count the times I’ve come home so miserable and depressed from relationships gone bad, or from someone I pissed off… which seems to be the norm lately… and yet, no matter what the circumstance; no matter how hard of a hand life deals me that day, and no matter how much a SCREW UP……. she is always there with a cup of tea and three sweet kisses to greet me when I come home. She is always FOR me. She always sees the best in me. She always hopes for me. She always cries with me. She always trusts me. She always…. She always, always, always, loves me. She is more joy than any trial can ruin. She is a picture of Jesus in that way to me and constantly reminds me of His love for me and that life has no hardship that can take away my Joy in Him.

My wife is special. She is a greater blessing than all of the riches or experiences or things in this world. She is God’s greatest gift to me and I am so thankful for the years I have had with her this far… and look forward to many many …. MANY more! I love you Bonnie! You are my best friend in the whole freakin’ world! You are my rock and my constant when life is unstable. You constantly point me to my true Joy and you are the most unbelievable picture of Jesus. Thank you for sacrificing so much. Thank you for serving and loving me the way you do and thank you for always being there. Mostly though, thank you for loving me.

You are my Sweet Bird!


Below are pictures from our Anniversary trip to Bear Trap Ranch. Enjoy!
This was the dinner bell… something you love to hear after a long day at 9000ft above sea level!
Our Cabin – “The Teddy Bear” haha!

  The Second Day, we decided to visit the Manatou Cliff Dwellings… Really cool to see!

Deep in Meditation at the Cliff Dwellings! haha!

Beautiful Church at the bottom of the mountain from where we were staying.

I wanted to go hiking and after about a quarter mile I felt I had hiked enough! haha! gasping for air, I stopped right here. This was plenty good enough for me.

Cool little bird feeder outside our cabin.


  1. LOVE THIS post!! Bonnie is so precious and we love her so much!! PS-I love all of the pictures you took of her! So sweet!! Happy (late) Anniversary!!

  2. The Coolest part about struggling so much out here is that it has drawn us together more and more. I love love love that precious little girl! She is so sweet to me and has literally been a rock during the times I was falling apart. She is the most patient and caring wife ever. My favorite thing about her is that she almost always (99 out of 100 times) responds to my impatience or frustrations I am taking out on her at the time with a sweet or encouraging word to me. I honestly don’t know how she does it, because I’m a real piss-ant to people who take frustrations out on me but her response is always gentle and makes me feel awful about my sin and love her MORE AND MORE!